Protect Your Furniture with Our Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover – Review

Protect Your Furniture with Our Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover – Review

Welcome‌ to our⁣ product review blog, where we share​ our first-hand experiences with a wide range​ of products. Today, we’re ⁤excited to talk about the Easy-Going Recliner Sofa ⁤Slipcover. As soon as we laid eyes on this elegant and practical⁤ sofa cover, we knew we had to try it out for ourselves. With its reversible design, water-resistant properties, and furniture-protecting​ features, this slipcover seemed like the perfect solution ⁤for our homes with children and pets. So, let’s dive into our experience​ with the Easy-Going Recliner ‌Sofa⁤ Slipcover and discuss all the reasons why it’s an absolute must-have.

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The Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover is a high-quality furniture protector that⁢ offers both ‌style ‌and functionality. Made with an elegant ⁤quilted ‍texture and thick microfiber, this slipcover is not only visually​ appealing​ but also durable. It comes in two⁤ color⁣ options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your decor. The reversible design doubles its use, giving ​you the flexibility to change the look of your sofa whenever you want.

One of the standout features of this slipcover is its water-resistant property. Whether it’s spills, ⁣stains, or everyday wear and tear,⁢ you can ⁣trust this​ cover ⁢to protect your sofa. This makes it an excellent choice for homes⁣ with children and pets. Additionally, the elastic straps at the back prevent the slipcover from sliding, ensuring a secure fit.

Easy to care for, this⁢ slipcover is machine washable. Simply wash it at a temperature of around ​30 degrees‌ Celsius with mild laundry detergents. Please note⁣ that bleach​ and⁤ ironing should ⁣be avoided. The package includes one cover, ⁤and if you’re looking for​ other sizes, they are available as well. With its quality, practicality, and versatility, the Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover ⁤is a great investment for any home.

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Product ⁤Description and Design

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The Easy-Going ‌Recliner Sofa Slipcover⁢ is ⁣a must-have for anyone ⁢looking to protect their⁣ furniture from daily wear and tear, spills, and ‍stains. With its high-quality and elegant quilted texture, this‍ slipcover is not only functional but also adds ⁤a touch of sophistication to your ‌living space.

Made from thick microfiber, this slipcover is not only ⁢soft and comfortable, but also colorfast, ensuring that it‌ will stay looking great for years to come. It is ​also ‌water resistant, ⁢making it perfect ⁣for ⁤homes with children and pets. The reversible design‌ offers two color options,​ allowing you‍ to easily change the look of your sofa with just a flip.

The dimensions of the sofa cover are specifically designed⁤ to fit seat⁢ widths ⁣between 18-20 inches.​ To ensure a proper fit, we recommend measuring your sofa before purchasing. ‍The slipcover also features elastic straps at the back, preventing it ‍from sliding and ensuring that it stays in place⁣ even with active use.

Taking care of this slipcover is a breeze. It is machine washable, and we recommend washing​ it at a temperature of around​ 30 degrees Celsius with mild laundry detergents. Please ⁤avoid using bleach and do not iron the ⁢slipcover.

In the package, you ‍will receive one cover, offering great​ value for ⁢your money. ⁣However, if ⁤you are looking for slipcovers in other sizes, they are also available for purchase. Choose from Chair (25″), Loveseat (46″), Sofa (66″), Oversized Sofa (78″), Recliner (22″), Oversized Recliner (28″), and ⁣futon (70″). We even offer an L Shape Sofa Cover option, ensuring that​ no matter the size or shape of your furniture, we have the perfect slipcover for you.

Overall, the Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover is a top-quality investment⁤ for anyone looking to protect their furniture while adding a touch of style to their‌ home. Don’t wait any longer, ‍click here⁤ now ⁣to get your ​own and​ give your ⁤sofa the ultimate protection it deserves.

Durability and Protective Features

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When it comes to protecting your furniture, the Easy-Going Recliner Sofa⁣ Slipcover​ has got you covered. Made​ with high-quality materials, this slipcover is built to last. Its ⁢elegant quilted texture not only adds a touch ⁣of sophistication to your living space, but it also provides ⁣extra durability. The thick microfiber​ material is designed to ⁢withstand daily ⁣wear and tear,‌ ensuring that your furniture stays protected for years to come.

But the protection⁣ doesn’t stop there. ⁣This ⁣slipcover is water-resistant, ⁢making it the perfect choice ⁤for homes​ with children and pets. Say goodbye to worry about spills and stains ruining your furniture.⁤ With the Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover, you can‌ relax and enjoy peace of ⁣mind knowing that your couch is well-protected.

To further enhance its protective features, this slipcover comes‍ with elastic straps at⁢ the‍ back. These straps prevent the cover from sliding and ensure ​that it stays in ⁣place even during‍ rambunctious play or⁣ energetic use. No more constant readjustments or slipping ⁢covers – you can sit back and relax without any interruptions.

We ⁢understand that​ convenience is key, especially when it comes to‌ cleaning. That’s why ‍this slipcover is machine ⁣washable. Simply toss it ⁣in the washing machine with mild laundry detergents at ⁤a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius, and it will come out fresh and clean. Please ​note that bleaching and ironing are ⁣not recommended.

In ​terms of size options, this slipcover has you covered.⁣ With multiple‌ sizes​ available, you can choose the perfect ⁤fit for your furniture. Whether you have a ‍chair, loveseat, sofa, recliner, futon, or even ‍an L-shaped sofa, there is a size that will⁢ suit your needs.

Overall, the​ Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover is an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect⁢ their​ furniture without‍ compromising ‌on style. ‌With its high-quality materials, ‍water resistance, and elastic straps, it offers⁣ maximum durability and convenience. Don’t wait‌ -​ click here to get⁢ yours ​today and ⁢transform your living space: ‍ [Call to Action link].

Recommendation and Final Thoughts

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Overall, we‌ are highly satisfied‌ with the Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover. Its high ‍quality and‌ elegant⁢ quilted texture make it a great addition to any living room. The thick microfiber material is not only comfortable but also colorfast, ensuring that it‍ maintains its vibrant appearance even after multiple washes.

One of the standout features of ‌this slipcover is its water-resistant ‌properties, which provide added ‍protection against spills and stains.‌ This is⁣ especially beneficial ​for households with children and pets, as it helps⁣ to prevent damage to the furniture. Additionally, ⁢the‍ elastic straps at the ‌back of the cover effectively prevent ‌sliding, ensuring that it ​stays in place even with frequent use.

We appreciate the easy care instructions of this‌ slipcover. It ⁢is machine washable, making it convenient to clean. We recommend washing ​it⁣ at a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius with mild‌ laundry ‌detergents. However, it is important to note that bleach should not be used, and ironing is​ not recommended.

In conclusion,⁣ the Easy-Going ⁤Recliner Sofa Slipcover is a durable and practical choice for‌ protecting ⁣your ⁢furniture.⁣ With its comfortable material and stylish design,⁤ it ⁣seamlessly ‌blends into any⁤ home decor. If you are looking ‍to revamp​ your recliner, we highly ‌recommend giving this ‍slipcover a try. Follow ⁤the link to purchase and ⁤see more details: [Call to Action Link]

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

In this section, we will ⁢analyze ​the customer reviews for the Easy-Going Recliner Sofa ⁤Slipcover in order⁣ to provide⁣ an overall evaluation of the product based on ‌customer experiences and satisfaction.

Review 1: “I recently purchased this couch cover for my trailer, and⁢ I am beyond thrilled with the results! This cover is not‌ just well made,​ but it also comes‍ in ​a variety of colors that ​allowed me to pick the ‌perfect shade to complement my interior. The ‍color I chose matches my couch‍ so seamlessly that you can hardly tell there’s a cover on it! One of‌ the standout‌ features of this cover is‍ its‌ impeccable ​craftsmanship. It ‌is evident that great attention to detail went into its production, making it durable ‌and long-lasting., which is⁤ important​ to me because I have two dogs. The quilted‍ pattern⁤ adds a⁣ touch of sophistication, giving my couch⁣ an extra layer of style. Functionality-wise, this cover has exceeded my ⁣expectations. ​It acts ‌as a formidable barrier against dirt and ‍stains, keeping my couch in pristine condition even in the confined space‌ of my trailer. As a dog owner, ⁤I⁤ appreciate how effectively ⁤it prevents pet-related messes, ensuring that my ​furry friends can⁢ enjoy the couch without leaving a trace. The softness ⁣of the material is‍ another delightful. I’ve found myself enjoying the feel of the cover as much as the couch itself! This couch cover is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to protect their furniture while maintaining ⁢a‍ stylish decor. With its impressive craftsmanship, a myriad of⁣ color options, and practical features, it has truly exceeded my expectations. ‍I couldn’t be happier ‌with my purchase, and I highly recommend this cover⁤ to anyone seeking the perfect blend of style and‌ functionality for their living space.”

Review 2: “I have three hairy dogs and was tired of just having a‍ sheet thrown‍ over the couch which didn’t ​stop stains.​ Was afraid this would ⁣be bulky & ugly but⁣ it’s neither. Fit my couch perfectly and stays in place which ⁤the sheet never did. Quilted but not bulky. Smooth to touch &⁢ sit‍ on. Looks much better than a sheet. Washes in machine with no issues. Love it. Would highly recommend.”

Review 3: “Even though they gave measurements, these covers are ​very large, but they don’t go all the ⁢way down to cover where you would place your feet, so maybe that ⁣area‌ would get⁤ soiled/dirty. They don’t look very “fashionable” when they are on, and the elastics⁤ (black ones) don’t really​ fit anyplace, and the ‌seams are neat, ⁣but‍ I find myself uncomfortable because the seam is right​ on my backside, but the product is made ⁣very well and they are nice ⁢and will serve the purpose, especially when the grandkids are over.”

Review 4: “Our dog loves to scratch the couch to‌ make⁣ her spot ⁢comfortable. We had already ‍acquired two‌ holes. The​ cover has prevented additional holes. She sheds so‌ much too. I bought two of these covers so I can wash⁤ them frequently to reduce the hair accumulation. The hair does ⁤cling⁣ to the covers but is eliminated in the washing ⁣machine. It is important to dry on low heat or the​ material becomes ​flimsy.⁣ It is very easy to ‍put the covers on the couch. Two ‌of the couch seats are recliners, and we have had no problems⁣ with‍ the fitting.”

Review ⁣5: “Overall solid quality⁤ and great color choices but it​ slips a lot and does ⁢not stay in shape due to its non anti-slip‌ back​ surface. I thought that may⁤ be an issue for the cover to stay⁢ in place due to its smooth back surface. But since I have a‍ fabric ​sofa, I thought the‍ slip issue may not be too bad and decided‌ to give it a try.⁣ Unfortunately after a month of use, I removed the ⁣cover ‌from my sofa. From ⁤the photos you⁣ can⁢ see, the first ⁣photo is ​when the cover is⁤ tucked ⁢in nicely and all‌ smooth looking. The second photos show that after just a few minutes of ⁢sitting, the area covering the sofa cushion is all out of place and it looks very messy. I basically had to retuck it every⁤ day to make it​ look ​smooth and presentable. ​Would’ve returned it if I paid attention to the return window (just expired). ‌Again,‍ if you don’t mind it slips and moves a lot, it’s fine but ‍it’s not for me.”

Review 6: “I bought the oversized sofa⁤ size. I have a long-haired ⁢cat, which is crazy because I⁤ hate hair ‍and​ dander. But pet ​parenting is about love. Anyway, I also watch my grand cat. I was sick of vacuuming daily so I used a blanket. The hair ‌still got through it. I just received ⁢the cover today. It’s soft and ⁤sized well. ⁤This size came with 5 Styrofoam sticks. I used ⁢them all in the⁤ back. It’s thick,⁢ so the hair shouldn’t go through. It’s a very nice-looking material. I took a ⁢picture of the material ‍hanging⁢ and⁢ one tucked in​ the front. I tucked the top ⁢back a bit but‌ left it hanging over as the cats will walk on that.”

Review 7: “This sofa⁣ cover is well made, ‌durable, and easily washable. ⁢This is a must-have⁢ if you have pets. Great fit. Does a fantastic​ job protecting my furniture. Highly recommend.”

Review‌ 8: “Me gusto la tela. Llegó en la fecha indicada, la calidad muy ⁢buena, ya ​lo lavamos en la ⁢lavadora de casa y ‍muy bien excelente compra.”

Review 9: “No se verá como recién tapizado pero sí⁢ lo acomodas bien ⁢da buena vista. No le quedo ⁤de ancho, pero lo puse del largo y quedo⁤ perfecto.”

Review 10: “J aime beaucoup le produit. J ai été obligée de retourner le plus grand mais parce​ qu’il était vraiment ⁢trop grand.”

Review 11: “No protege lo suficiente el sillón,‌ se llena de pelusa.”

Upon analyzing the​ customer reviews, we can see that the‍ Easy-Going Recliner Sofa ‌Slipcover has‌ received mostly positive feedback. Customers appreciate the variety of ⁣color options, well-made craftsmanship, and the ability to⁤ effectively protect furniture⁢ from dirt, stains, and pet-related messes. The softness of ​the material is also highly praised ⁢by⁣ customers.

However, there are a few concerns‌ raised by⁣ some customers.⁢ One customer mentioned that the cover slips and ​moves a lot, making it ⁤difficult to maintain ‌its shape and appearance. Another customer ⁤mentioned that the cover does‌ not cover the entire length of the sofa, ⁣leaving the area where feet are placed vulnerable ⁤to soiling.

Overall, the Easy-Going Recliner‍ Sofa Slipcover seems to be a good investment for pet owners and those looking to protect their furniture. The positive reviews outweigh the negative ones, making it a recommended product‌ for its ‌blend ‍of ‍style and functionality.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • The slipcover is ‌made of high-quality material with an ⁣elegant⁢ quilted ⁤texture,‍ making it look stylish and sophisticated.
  • It is thick and durable, ensuring‍ long-lasting use and ⁤protection for your ⁤furniture.
  • The slipcover is water-resistant, providing an extra layer ⁢of defense against spills and stains.
  • With two color options available, you can easily switch up the look of your living room.
  • The​ reversible design allows for double ‌the use, providing versatility and convenience.
  • The elastic⁢ straps ⁣at the back ​of the slipcover prevent it from sliding and ensure it stays in place even with constant use.
  • Designed as a furniture protector, it safeguards your couch from everyday wear and tear, making it a great choice for households with children and pets.
  • It is ​easy to clean as it is machine washable. Simply wash it using mild laundry detergents and‌ avoid bleaching or‍ ironing.
  • The slipcover comes in various sizes, allowing you to find the ⁤perfect fit for your recliner ⁤or other‌ furniture pieces.


  • The slipcover​ may not ​fit all recliners perfectly, so it is important to‍ measure your furniture⁢ before purchasing to ensure⁢ a ⁣proper fit.
  • Some customers may find it challenging to secure the elastic straps⁢ at the back, resulting in occasional slipping.
  • While the ‌slipcover is⁢ water-resistant, it may not be completely waterproof and could still allow some liquid to seep through in heavy spills.
  • The‍ color options are limited to the available ‍gray/light gray combination, which may not ⁢suit all room decor styles.

We hope this review helps you make an informed decision about our Easy-Going Recliner ‍Sofa Slipcover. It offers numerous ‌benefits, ​such as high quality, water resistance, and‍ effective furniture protection. However, ⁤it is important to consider the potential fit and⁣ slipping issues. Overall, it ​can⁢ be a practical and stylish addition⁢ to ⁣your living space,⁣ especially if you have pets or children.


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Q: Can this slipcover fit all recliner sofas?
A: The ‍Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover is designed to fit⁣ seat widths between 18-20 inches. ​Before purchasing, we advise you to measure your sofa to ensure a ​proper fit. You can find a helpful measuring guide in the photos.

Q: ​How does this slipcover prevent sliding?
A: This slipcover comes with elastic straps⁢ at the back, which can be easily attached to ‍the ‌sofa to ⁢keep the cover in ​place and ⁢prevent it from sliding. You​ can have peace‍ of mind knowing⁣ that ⁤your furniture will be protected and stay in position.

Q: Is this slipcover suitable for⁤ homes with⁤ pets and kids?
A: ‌Absolutely! The Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover is a great choice for homes with‌ children and pets. It provides a protective barrier against daily wear ⁢and tear, spills, and stains. You can relax and enjoy quality time with your​ furry friends or little ones, knowing your furniture is protected.

Q: How do I care for this slipcover?
A:‍ We designed this slipcover with easy care in mind. It‍ is machine washable, and we recommend washing it at⁢ a temperature around ​30 degrees Celsius.⁤ For best ​results,⁤ we advise using mild laundry detergents. Please avoid using bleach and do not iron the slipcover.⁤ Its high-quality materials ​ensure long-lasting⁢ durability.

Q: ⁣What are the‍ dimensions of ⁤the Easy-Going‌ Recliner⁣ Sofa Slipcover?
A: The sofa‌ cover is⁤ specifically designed ‌to fit ⁣seat widths between⁤ 18-20 inches. To⁣ ensure a perfect fit, we⁤ recommend measuring your sofa before purchasing. ⁤Our photos include a measuring guide to assist you further. Additionally,⁤ we⁤ offer other size options such as ‍chair, loveseat,⁤ sofa,⁢ oversized sofa, recliner, ‌oversized recliner, futon, and L shape ‍sofa cover.

Q: Is the slipcover water-resistant?
A: ‌Yes, the Easy-Going Recliner Sofa​ Slipcover is ⁤water-resistant. You ​can rest easy knowing that accidental‌ spills or stains will not easily seep through and damage your sofa. The elegant quilted ⁢texture not only adds a touch of sophistication to your ⁣furniture but⁤ also provides an additional layer of ‌protection.

Q: What color options are available for this slipcover?
A: The Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover ⁢comes ‌in two color options: Gray and Light Gray. These⁤ versatile⁢ shades will blend⁢ seamlessly with any interior design style, allowing you to protect your furniture while maintaining a stylish ⁣look.

Q: Is there a warranty or guarantee ⁢for this slipcover?
A: At Easy-Going, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you are fully satisfied ⁣with your purchase. ‍If ‍for any reason⁣ you ⁤are⁢ not happy with the​ slipcover, ‍please ​reach out to us, and we will gladly assist you⁣ with a return or an exchange.

Seize ⁣the Opportunity

In conclusion, ⁢our Easy-Going Recliner Sofa ​Slipcover is ‍the perfect solution ‍for protecting your ⁤furniture from⁤ daily wear and tear, spills, and stains. With ‌its elegant quilted texture, ‍thick ‌microfiber, and water-resistant features, this sofa cover​ not only enhances ​the aesthetics of⁢ your living space but also provides double the use ⁣with its reversible design.

Featuring elastic straps ⁤at the back,‍ our slipcover ensures a snug and secure fit, preventing‍ any sliding or​ shifting. This makes it an excellent choice for homes ‌with children⁣ and pets, offering an ​extra layer of defense against ​accidents and messes.

We understand the importance of easy maintenance, and that’s why our slipcover is machine washable. Simply toss it⁢ in the ​washing machine with ‌mild laundry detergents ⁢at a temperature ⁤of​ around ⁢30 degrees ⁤Celsius, and it will come⁢ out as good as new. Just ​remember to avoid bleaching and ironing to ‍maintain ​its quality.

The package includes one cover specifically designed for recliners, with dimensions that fit ⁤seat‌ widths of 18-20⁢ inches. ​However,‍ we ​also offer various size options, including chair, loveseat, sofa, oversized sofa, recliner, oversized recliner, futon, and L‌ shape sofa covers.

So why wait? Protect your furniture ‌and give it a stylish makeover ​with our Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover. Click the link below to purchase ⁤this product and enjoy the ultimate comfort and protection for your home.

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