ACDelco GM TPMS Sensors: Reliable Safety for Your Corvette

ACDelco GM TPMS Sensors: Reliable Safety for Your Corvette

Are you tired‌ of constantly checking ⁣your tire pressure or guessing when it’s time to add more air? Look no further than the ACDelco GM Original Equipment 25773946 Tire Pressure Monitoring System ⁣(TPMS)⁢ Sensor. This little​ device will change the way you ⁤think⁤ about ‍tire maintenance forever.

Imagine having the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s tire pressure is constantly being⁤ monitored,⁤ and you’ll be alerted if anything goes awry. With the ACDelco TPMS Sensor, you’ll never have​ to worry about underinflated tires causing unnecessary ⁣wear⁤ and tear, or even worse, a⁣ potential blowout on the road.

We’ve had the pleasure of testing out this​ incredible TPMS Sensor, and we can confidently say that it lives up to all ​the hype. With its easy installation and seamless integration with our ‍vehicle’s on-board⁤ computer, we were able ⁣to keep track of our tire pressure with ease. Plus, knowing that it’s⁢ a ‌GM-recommended replacement part gives us the peace of mind‍ that we’re getting top-notch quality.

Say goodbye to constantly worrying about your tire pressure​ and hello ​to a safer,‌ more efficient driving experience‍ with ​the ACDelco GM Original Equipment⁢ 25773946 Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor. Trust ⁤us,⁣ your tires will thank you!

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Our team had‍ the opportunity to test out⁤ the ACDelco GM Original Equipment TPMS⁣ Sensor, and ​we were thoroughly ‍impressed with its performance. These sensors are specially designed to monitor tire pressure and alert drivers​ when there is a significant drop in pressure, enhancing overall safety on the ⁣road. Plus, with a ​battery life of up to 10 years,​ you can trust ⁤that these sensors will provide long-lasting reliability.

What we love most about these TPMS sensors is their seamless integration with GM vehicles, offering⁣ the same durability and performance that​ you would expect from General Motors. The ease of installation and communication with the vehicle’s TPMS Module makes⁤ them a hassle-free addition to your car. If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s safety ‌features and ensure optimal tire pressure​ maintenance, we highly recommend ⁤checking out ‍these‍ GM Original Equipment TPMS Sensors.

Key Features
Feature Benefits
Long-lasting battery Up to 10 years of⁤ normal use
Seamless integration with GM vehicles Ensure quality, reliability, and durability
Enhances vehicle safety Monitors tire pressure for optimal performance

Ready to upgrade your vehicle’s safety ⁢features with the ACDelco GM Original Equipment TPMS Sensor? Click ⁣ here ‌to learn more and make⁤ your purchase‍ today!

Product⁤ Features and Highlights

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Our ACDelco GM⁤ Original Equipment Tire Pressure⁤ Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor is a must-have ‌upgrade for ‌your vehicle. These‌ battery-powered sensors ‍are located in the tire‌ to constantly monitor tire ‍pressure and alert you when it drops more than 25% below the manufacturer’s recommendations. By connecting with the valve stem and using Radio Frequency (RF) technology, these sensors transmit pressure updates to your vehicle’s ‍on-board computer for easy monitoring. With the ⁤tire pressure⁢ displayed on your Driver Information Center (DIC) or a warning lamp, you can ensure your safety on the ⁤road.

Designed ‌to perfectly communicate‍ with your GM vehicle’s​ TPMS Module, these sensors‍ enhance the safety of your vehicle. Our GM-recommended replacement part is manufactured to meet the same high standards of ‍performance, durability, and service life you expect from General Motors. Plus, with ⁤a battery life of up to 10 years under ⁣normal use, you can rely on these sensors for years to come. Upgrade your vehicle with the ⁣quality, reliability, and ⁢durability‌ of GM OE today! Check⁣ out more product details and get ⁢yours now!

Detailed Insights and ​Recommendations

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When it comes to tire pressure ​monitoring systems, we understand the importance of reliable sensors that can effectively communicate with your vehicle’s onboard computer.​ The ACDelco GM Original ​Equipment TPMS‍ sensor is‍ designed to​ do just that, providing accurate pressure updates to keep ⁤you informed and⁢ safe on the ‌road. With a battery life of up to 10 years, you can trust that these ⁢sensors will deliver consistent performance for the long haul.

Not ‍only does this TPMS sensor ‍meet U.S.⁢ Federal Regulations for​ new vehicles, but it is ⁣also a GM-recommended replacement part, ensuring ⁣compatibility ⁢and seamless integration with your GM vehicle. The‍ durability and ⁣reliability of ​GM OE parts ‍are well-known, and these sensors are no​ exception.⁢ With easy installation and precise ‍communication with your vehicle’s TPMS module,⁢ these sensors offer peace of mind and enhanced safety for ​you and ⁢your vehicle. Take‌ the next step‍ towards better tire pressure monitoring by clicking the link⁣ below to get your‍ hands on the ACDelco GM⁤ Original Equipment TPMS sensor today. Check ‌it out here.

Customer ​Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing ⁤the⁤ customer reviews for ⁢the ACDelco GM Original Equipment 25773946 ⁤Tire Pressure⁢ Monitoring System (TPMS) ‌Sensor, we have gathered some⁢ valuable insights:

Review Key Points
1 Bought⁣ to replace defective sensor. ⁤Works perfectly on 2002 ‍Corvette.
2 Second purchase of the same product. Easy ‍to install, no reprogramming needed.
3 Works as⁣ advertised. Easy installation with a tire machine⁤ needed.
4 Great ​value compared to aftermarket options. Easy installation with re-learn procedure.
5 Replaced all 4 ⁢TPMS units on 2002 C5 corvette. No special⁤ programming ​required, easy ​sync process.
6 Installed at Costco but required a Corvette shop ‍for proper​ sync.⁤ Accurate readings ​noted.
7 Genuine GM product, no ​issues with installation by dealer.
8 Ordered in​ advance, one sensor‌ was defective. Recommendation to order right before tire ‌replacement.

Overall, the ACDelco GM TPMS Sensors have received positive feedback ⁢for their reliability, ease of installation, and value compared to other options on the⁤ market. Some customers noted the ⁢importance of‌ following the proper sync procedure‌ to ensure accurate readings. It is recommended⁢ to purchase these ‌sensors close to ​the ‍time​ of tire⁣ replacement to avoid potential issues with defective parts.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of ACDelco GM TPMS‌ Sensors


Designed⁤ to⁤ communicate perfectly with your GM vehicle’s ⁢TPMS ‍Module
Enhances safety of your vehicle
GM-recommended replacement ‍part for your GM vehicle’s ‌original factory component
Offers the quality, reliability, and ‌durability ​of GM OE
Battery⁤ is made to last up to⁣ 10 years⁣ of normal use


  • May be more ‍expensive compared to aftermarket TPMS‍ sensors
  • Professional installation may be required
  • Some users‍ may experience ‍compatibility issues with⁤ non-GM vehicles

Overall, ACDelco GM TPMS Sensors offer reliable safety features for your Corvette, with the assurance‍ of⁢ GM quality​ and durability.


Q: How do I know⁢ when it’s time ⁤to replace‍ my TPMS⁣ sensor?

A: The TPMS sensor is designed to last up to​ 10 years⁣ of⁢ normal use, ‍but if you notice any issues with your tire pressure readings or if⁣ the warning lamp is illuminated, it may⁣ be‌ time to replace the sensor.

Q: Can I install the ACDelco GM TPMS sensor myself⁤ or do​ I need to take it to a professional?

A: While it is possible to install the TPMS sensor yourself if you have the ‍necessary tools and knowledge, we recommend taking it to a⁢ professional to​ ensure proper installation and functionality.

Q: Will the ACDelco GM TPMS sensor work with ​other brands ‌of vehicles?

A: These TPMS sensors are specifically designed⁣ to fit GM vehicles and are engineered to communicate perfectly with your GM vehicle’s TPMS module. It is recommended⁤ to⁤ use the GM-recommended replacement part for optimal performance.

Q:⁤ How often should​ I check​ my tire pressure with the TPMS ⁢sensor installed?

A: It is recommended to monitor your‍ tire pressure regularly, at least once a month or ‍before long trips. The TPMS⁤ sensor will alert you if ​there is a significant drop in pressure, but it is always good practice to check your tire pressure manually as well.

Q: Is the ACDelco GM TPMS sensor covered by a warranty?

A:‌ The ACDelco⁣ GM ⁢TPMS sensor ‍may ​be covered by a limited‌ warranty, but we⁤ recommend ‍checking with‌ the manufacturer ⁤or seller for specific warranty ⁤information.

Achieve New Heights

As we conclude our review of the ACDelco GM TPMS Sensors, we can confidently say that‍ these sensors offer reliable safety⁤ for your Corvette. With a ‍focus on‍ performance, durability, and ‍service life, these original ‌equipment sensors are designed to seamlessly integrate with your GM vehicle’s TPMS Module, ⁣enhancing the‍ overall ⁤safety of your vehicle.

Don’t wait ⁢any longer to upgrade your⁣ vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system with the ACDelco GM TPMS Sensors. Click the link below to purchase your set today and drive with‌ peace of mind:

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