Revolutionize Your Road Trips with GUTA Trailer TPMS!

Revolutionize Your Road Trips with GUTA Trailer TPMS!

Are you tired⁢ of constantly worrying about the tire pressure ⁢of your trailer while on the road? Look no further! We recently had the opportunity to​ try out the‌ GUTA Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and we were⁣ thoroughly impressed. This⁣ system comes with‍ 10 sensors, 6 alert⁤ modes, a signal⁢ booster, power-saving display, and⁢ a long sensing distance, perfect for those with 3 trailers (T1/T2/T3) or RVs. From the easy sensor setup and programming to the advanced alert ⁤system, this TPMS has it⁤ all. Join us as we delve into our first-hand experience with this innovative ⁣product and discover‍ why it’s a must-have for anyone hitting the road with⁣ a​ trailer in tow.

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Our Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a game-changer when it comes to monitoring your trailer’s tire⁢ pressure. With advanced ‍alert ⁢systems that⁢ cover high & ‍low tire pressure, high temperature, fast leaks, missing sensor signals, and ⁢low sensor battery alerts, ‍you can ⁢hit the road with peace of mind knowing you’ll be immediately notified of any‌ issues. The easy sensor setup and programming make installation a ‌breeze, and the power-saving monitor⁤ ensures long-lasting‌ battery life for continuous monitoring.

With ⁤real-time monitoring capabilities⁣ and the ability to display data for up to 10 ‍tires at once, our TPMS is ⁤designed to⁣ keep you safe and improve fuel economy on those long hauls. The included signal booster⁣ overcomes distance and interference challenges, while the professional customer service team is​ always on ⁤hand to assist with any troubleshooting needs. Don’t hit the road without the ⁣protection and⁣ peace of mind that our Trailer Tire Pressure​ Monitoring System provides!

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Impressive⁣ Features and Functionality

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When it comes to features and functionality,⁢ the Trailer​ Tire Pressure Monitoring System from GUTA ⁣truly ​stands out. The ‌easy ​sensor setup and programming⁣ make installation a breeze, eliminating the need‍ to program while installing ​the TPMS sensors. This system allows you to assign and program the anti-theft sensors before uniformly installing ⁣the TPMS sensors. Plus, with the option to ‌add a signal booster,​ you can overcome challenges ‍of distance and electromagnetic interference with ease.

The advanced alert system of this ‌TPMS covers all⁤ parameters you need to⁤ be aware‍ of‌ while driving,​ including‍ high & low tire‌ pressure alert, high temperature ‍alert, fast leak ⁣alert, missing sensor signal⁢ alert, and low sensor ‌battery alert. With visual and audio warning ​alarms that ⁢immediately notify you of any⁢ deviations ​from preset ‌safety parameters, you can focus on long-distance travel or freight while⁤ keeping driver safety a top priority. Additionally, the power saving monitor feature​ ensures efficient ​battery usage, with ⁤a rechargeable internal ‍lithium battery that lasts up to 12-14⁣ days⁤ on a full charge. With⁢ all​ these impressive features, this TPMS is a must-have for ‍anyone looking to maintain vehicle‍ safety and achieve optimal fuel economy. Ready to upgrade your ⁢trailer’s ⁤safety features? Get your hands‌ on this⁢ top-of-the-line Tire Pressure Monitoring System now!

In-Depth​ Analysis and ⁤Recommendations

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After conducting ⁣an in-depth analysis of the GUTA Trailer​ Tire Pressure Monitoring System, we are ‍excited to share our recommendations based on the ‍features and functionalities of ​this product. The‌ setup and programming ‌of the sensors impressed us with ‍its wireless ⁢process,‍ eliminating the need for complicated programming during installation.⁢ This streamlined‌ approach allows for easy assignment⁤ and programming of anti-theft sensors before uniform installation of the TPMS sensors. For users facing challenges with distance and electromagnetic interference, the option to add a⁤ signal booster provides a solution⁤ to enhance signal ‌strength.

The advanced alert ⁢system‍ of this TPMS is another standout feature,⁤ offering six ⁤alert⁣ modes to cover​ a range of parameters including high/low tire pressure, high ⁣temperature, fast leak, missing sensor signal, and low sensor⁢ battery alerts. The immediate visual and audio warnings triggered when data deviates from preset safety⁤ parameters enable drivers to stay focused on their journey while prioritizing safety. ⁣Additionally, ‍the power-saving⁣ monitor with a ‍rechargeable lithium battery impressively lasts up to 12-14 days on a full charge, with sensors maintaining continuous status signals to the ⁣monitor at 5-minute intervals. With a customer service team ready to⁤ assist with any troubleshooting needs, the​ GUTA TPMS is a reliable⁣ choice for real-time monitoring and enhanced⁤ fuel economy.

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Customer Reviews ⁤Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here at GUTA, we value our customers’‌ feedback and strive to provide top-quality products and excellent customer ​service. Let’s take a ⁢look at some of the reviews for our Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System:

Customer Review
“I bought the one⁤ with eight ‍sensors to use⁤ this⁤ for my 36 foot class ⁣A motorhome​ and the car that I tow behind it. It works⁤ great. ⁤I‍ have never lost signal and I don’t even use ⁢the range ⁢extender.⁢ I did have one sensor that went bad, but it‌ was quickly replaced and​ I have⁢ had no other issues with it. Easy to program. Easy to install.Installed on fifth wheel trailer. Works great”
“I bought these mainly‍ for my truck + trailer combo, but I⁣ put them on​ my other car to test it out on a long road trip. They installed easily enough, and ​once I read and‍ re-read the instructions for getting it all⁣ paired up ‍and setup with the min/max pressures per axle, it wasn’t ‍a problem. Over the course ‌of 3000 miles through varying altitudes (sea level to 8000+ feet) they did great.”
“We have‌ a diesel pusher 40 ⁣ft. Installed the​ sensors which took about a 1/2 hour with set to ⁢do six tires.‍ The unit came with⁤ the booster antennae which we did not need ‍but will use for the TOAD ‌vehicle. ⁤It is easy to read and place ‍in the cab. Base can be hard mounted or ⁢suction cup. ⁢I have used these for about a month and 1940 miles. ⁤They worked as advertised to the point it showed that a tire was⁤ slowly losing pressure 5 PSI a day.”
“I bought your ⁣tire monitoring system through⁤ Amazon​ and ⁤it works perfect except I can’t turn up the back light ‍so I can read it while driving. It also won’t⁢ go into sleep mode. It stays on all ⁣the​ time.”

While the majority‍ of our customers have⁢ had positive experiences with ⁣our Trailer ​TPMS, we take all feedback ⁣seriously and are constantly working to improve our products. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are always here ​to address ⁤any concerns or issues⁢ that⁤ may arise.

If‌ you have any questions or need assistance with your GUTA⁤ Trailer TPMS, please do not ⁣hesitate ‍to ​reach out to our customer service team. We are here to help and ensure​ that you have a safe and enjoyable road trip experience with ‌our innovative TPMS system.

Thank ‌you for choosing GUTA, where safety and quality meet innovation!

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Pros Explanation
1. Easy Sensor​ Setup & Programming The wireless ‍programming process makes it ​easy to‌ assign and program the sensors before installation.
2. Advanced Technology⁤ Alert ⁣System Provides alerts for ‍high & low tire pressure, ‌high temperature, fast leaks, missing sensor‍ signals, and ‍low sensor batteries.
3. Power Saving Monitor The monitor has a rechargeable battery for long-lasting use and goes into power saving mode when not in use.
4. Real ‌Time Monitoring Displays‍ data for⁢ up to ‍10⁤ tires at once, with⁣ automatic switching between front and rear trailers.
5. High Fuel Economy Maintaining⁤ proper tire parameters can help⁢ improve ⁢fuel economy for large vehicles.


Cons Explanation
1. Signal Booster Additional ⁣Cost May need to purchase an additional signal booster‌ to⁣ overcome challenges with distance and electromagnetic interference.
2. Monitor Battery Life The ⁢monitor needs to be charged every 12~14 days, which could be ‌inconvenient for some users.
3. ⁢Sensor Battery​ Replacement The sensor battery needs to be replaced every 4 years, which could ⁤be a ⁢maintenance hassle for some users.


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Q: Can I use the GUTA Trailer TPMS for multiple trailers?

A: Yes,‌ you can use the GUTA Trailer TPMS with up to 3 trailers (T1/T2/T3).⁣ Simply switch between ⁢trailers on ⁢the ​monitor ‍to view⁣ the tire pressure and temperature data for each trailer.

Q: How does the power saving mode work⁣ on the GUTA monitor?

A: The⁤ GUTA ⁤monitor has ​a built-in​ rechargeable internal‍ lithium battery that ‌can last ⁤12-14⁤ days on a full charge. The ‍monitor enters power saving mode if ⁤no motion or vibration is detected for 15 minutes, ​helping to conserve ⁣battery life.

Q: Can ⁢the TPMS sensors⁢ withstand high tire pressure and temperature?

A: Yes,​ the⁣ sensors can handle pressure up​ to 188 psi⁢ and‍ tire temperature up to​ 185°F. They are specially designed for large vehicles like RVs‌ and ‌trailers to⁤ ensure accurate monitoring even in extreme conditions.

Q: Is the sensor ⁤battery replaceable?

A: Yes, the sensor battery CR2032 is replaceable and has a lifespan ⁤of up to 4 years. This allows for easy ‍maintenance and longevity of the TPMS‌ system.

Q: ⁢How can I contact the GUTA customer service ⁢team for ⁤assistance?

A: If you encounter any issues that you can’t solve on your own, simply‌ reach out to ⁢our ‌professional customer service team for help. You can find‍ our‌ contact information in the Q&A section or the‍ manual’s last page for‌ prompt assistance.

Discover the ‍Power

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We‍ hope this ⁣review has shed some light ‍on the amazing benefits of the GUTA Trailer TPMS and⁢ how ‍it can truly ⁣revolutionize ⁢your road trips. With its advanced technology, easy setup, and professional customer service team, you can hit the road with confidence and peace of mind.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing product! Take the first step⁤ towards safer ‌and more ⁤efficient ⁢travels by getting your own GUTA Trailer‍ TPMS today.

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